Summary of Papal’s Visit to the US

A summary of the visit of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II from September 13th, 2018 to October 7th, 2018, to the Eastern United States.

– 14 Consecrations and Divine Liturgies
– 4 Divine Liturgies
– 41 Sermons in various liturgies and meetings
– 4 Laying the Foundation Stone
– 11 Elevation of Hegumens
– 2 Priest Ordinations
– 1 Elevation of Archdeacon
– 14 Meetings for special groups: 14 (two clergy meetings, Consecrated Deacons, Archons, Attorneys, Families of Departed Clergy, Children and those with special needs).
– 3 General Meetings, Youth Meetings (English/Arabic), Servants Meeting
– 36 Baptisms
– Seminary Graduation: 30 persons.

His Holiness has personally greeted an average of 38,850 people and gave them gifts in their hands. In addition, His Holiness gave a sermon at the Rutgers Athletic Center where the audience was approximately 8,000.

This is in addition to the Conference of the Diaspora which was attended by 16 bishops, clergy and servants from various countries, the Americas, Europe, Canada, Australia. His Holiness lectured twice in addition to giving remarks and recommendations at the end of each session.

A total of those attending the meetings of His Holiness of the Coptic people were approximately 46,850 people.

We pray that the Lord support our beloved shepherd and father His Holiness Pope Tawadros II.
— Fr. Abraham Azmy

(Copied from: Coptic Archdiocese of North America)