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Our Approach

Who We Are

Christian Youth Channel – CYC aka Coptic Youth Channel, is a television and internet based English Coptic Orthodox Channel. CYC is the first English Coptic Christian channel, dedicated to Christians all around the world to spread the teachings and love of Jesus Christ.

Our Story

The Channel is operated by country based non-profit organizations and has production centers around the world. 

Production comes from centers around the world which are run by paid employees and around 453 volunteers of Youth.

CYC stemmed from Father Bishoy’s determination to support, encourage and promote religious, educational and charitable activities and works directed to all people through the ever-growing media. Through television, radio and print, CYC is concerned with preaching and promoting the spiritual teachings and faith in Christ our savior from a Coptic Orthodox perspective.

Mission Statement:

CYC looks to spread the word and life of Christ all through the world in a way that is compatible with today’s media consumption methods.

— Christians everywhere are exposed to media that constantly challenges their faith and their relationship with Christ their savior.

— Non-Christians are bombarded with media streams that reinforce negative behaviors and reward deviant actions by highlighting examples of “successful people” that become role models who in turn trap others in endless worldly pursuits that never lead to true fulfillment.   

CYC’s efforts are aimed at becoming a center of strength and hope which all people around the world can access from their phones, laptops, Roku, Fire tv and over IPTV as they battle against the constant stream of destructive media.



Our goal is to reach those who are unreachable, to enter into homes that otherwise would not answer Christ’s knocking, and to deliver Christ’s message of salvation to those who otherwise may never get a chance to hear or experience it.

We have seen success in this arena!

CYC has reached homes in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Indonesia and many other countries in areas like the Middle East that otherwise would be extremely difficult to reach.

We gear our programming towards all those who are seeking to discover the Truth many in the world ignore today. Whether a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, or even an Atheist, CYC looks to speak to all people and to bring the love and joy of Christ into everyone’s home and their personal media consumption devices.


The channel has manifested itself internationally and is currently being operated from centers across the globe including USA, Canada, Europe, Egypt and Australia. All centers are run by Coptic Christian volunteers’ youth for the English speakers especially the youth, world-wide.

All of their production centers are run by non-for-profit organizations which are managed by a board of directors consisting of members from the Coptic Church in addition to Metropolitans, Bishops and Priests, who are involved and passionate about media, and who are concerned with spreading the Christian faith to people all over the world.


CYC specializes in religious series and programs. The channel broadcasts a vast range of individual shows including God’s praise, Coptic Ritual, Coptic liturgies, Bible Study, Bible reading, comedy, cartoon, drama and reality alongside movies and mini-series.


Your donation is highly appreciated. Every cent you donate helps keep our channel live. Protect your kids future and help us continue our service