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CYC has been serving the English speaking youth and children all over the world for more than 12 years. We wouldn’t make it without your generous contributions and support

News Flash:

—–News Agency: Turkey and Azerbaijan Launch Military Drills at Armenian Border as POW Returned —–News Agency: Arrested for Selling Audio Bibles in China

Bible Verse:

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

First English Coptic Christian Channel

Christian Youth Channel – CYC aka Coptic Youth Channel, is a free-to-air English Coptic Orthodox Channel. CYC is the first English Coptic Christian channel and the third Coptic Orthodox channel launched after Aghapy and CTV but dedicated to Christian youth all around the world to spread teachings and love of Jesus Christ .

The Channel is run by non-profit organizations, and production centers around the world. It was launched on November 2009 by a Coptic Monk from St. Anthony Monastery- Red sea, Father Bishoy El-antony, under the auspices of His Grace Bishop Morcos; Bishop of the Shobra El-Khema diocese, where its headquarter .

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Huge Variety of Programs

CYC is pleased to present huge variety of programs that cover the needs of all ages of Coptic Christians English speakers.

CYC has programs that is adequate for kids, youth and adults. Presenting Documentary, bible study, kids, sermons, spiritual, entertainment, Coptic faith, counseling, scientific, talk shows and youth programs.

Protect Your Child

According to the University of Michigan Health System’s study in 2010, children spend about 28 hours per week (four hours a day) watching television. Many households “usually” have the TV on, even during meals. Children often have televisions in their own bedrooms, and as they get older there are fewer and fewer rules about what they can and cannot watch. Television is traditionally thought of as the anti-education tool: after all, children mindlessly absorb television content and spend less time reading, doing homework, or interacting with others.

As the Coptic Orthodox church is very concerned about the future of our kids and the information they grasp while watching TV, CYC started a new TV service to protect children from bad information and build the right concepts in their brain.

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Today's Programs

September 29, 2022
  • 12:00 amMass Cartoon
  • 12:30 amOnce Upon a Time
  • 12:30 amOnce Upon a time
  • 12:45 amCrafts
  • 1:30 amGreatest Heroes'
  • 2:05 am365
  • 2:15 amStories
  • 2:30 amTreasure
  • 3:00 amNow I see
  • 3:30 amHistory of The Church
  • 4:00 amGirls Talk
  • 4:30 amLost sheep
  • 5:00 amYouth Chat
  • 5:30 amAsk it ball
  • 6:00 amHH Pope Shenouda's Sermon
  • 6:30 amMonk's life
  • 7:00 amSilver Screen
  • 7:30 amCYC MD
  • 8:00 amWhats The Bible
  • 8:30 amOnce Upon a Time
  • 9:00 amCrafts
  • 9:30 amGreatest Heroes'
  • 10:05 am365
  • 10:15 amCoptic Ambassadors
  • 10:30 amSacred Art
  • 11:20 amPositive Relationship
  • 11:30 amGlow
  • 12:00 pmGirls talk
  • 12:30 pmLost sheep
  • 1:00 pmYouth Chat
  • 1:30 pmAsk it ball
  • 2:00 pmHH Pope Shenouda's Sermon
  • 2:30 pmMonk's Life
  • 3:00 pmSilver Screen
  • 3:30 pmCYC MD
  • 4:00 pmFriends And Hereos
  • 4:30 pmChit Chat
  • 4:45 pmCrafts
  • 5:30 pmBugtime Adventures
  • 6:05 pm365
  • 6:30 pmCoptic Ambassadors
  • 7:00 pmSacred Art
  • 7:20 pmPositive Relationship
  • 7:30 pmGlow
  • 8:00 pmCornerstone
  • 8:05 pmThe Late HH Pope Shenouda's Sermon
  • 8:45 pmTeen Time
  • 9:15 pmThe Grapevine
  • 10:00 pmLighthouse
  • 10:30 pmArk
  • 10:30 pmBible Movie
  • 11:00 pmTuned IN
  • 11:30 pmF.A.Q

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