@ Grace :

I see people on youtube who are devote Christians but they wear things that does not make themselves humble or christian like. Is this ok or is it wrong? Also, is it okay to fangirl over someone who is not christian but keeps their body as a temple? ?

Dear Grace, Christians are Christians either in the church or out of the church. Is appropriate to wear something not any Christian can wear in the church?! Do you think God in the church only. Devoted Christians should know what to say, what to wear and what to do.
For a Christian boy or a girl has to respects their body as a temple of God as the Bible said, if a girl has any physical relationship with a guy it’s a sin. And if a girl over someone either Christian or not is a sin too and thee girl has to know she is not made of a metal but a human body which has it’s desires which it has to be controlled by many things, first if it no physical touch with the other gender at all. God bless you